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Why list with us?

Direct focus on your business advertising in Launceston

More organic search results in Launceston and from our vast Australian Owned Town and City website network

Works in hand with Social Media giving You, your Visitors and Supporters a credible mechanism to promote your business on multiple Social Media

The Australian Regional Network is 1000 times truely more local your advertising dollar stays in our community

It is Aussie Old School, Fair Dinkum, Great Value!

We can create Ads for you

You can Login and create a Free listing yourself or we can do it for you
Choose a membership that suits you and our team will be in touch

Thousands of visitors arrive to the Australian Regional Network each day from many search engines directly to our members Ads, Events and Articles. We want to give you better value than those giant overseas Search and Social Media services that make you bid for positioning and take hundreds of millions from our country's ecomomy.

We are an Australian family owned small business and

We want to send new customers to you!

Dick Smith exposes foreign booking sites for extorting millions from Australian small businesses from Dick Smith Videos on Vimeo... By the Way Dick... Vimeo is Forein Owned by InterActiveCorp of New York, Dear Dick Smith this video is great and tells the truth, we hope you will support our family owned Australian Town and City Websites with your business. Please help us by sending send this page to Dick! Can we please have a Meeting with you Dick? we got rejected twice by your minders. as you asked we are sending this video to everyone, to the whole country, We spent three hundred thousand dollars developing these websites for YOU and even though Vimeo is foreign owned we are sending your video out to well over one thousand Australian Town and Cities just like you asked, Thankyou. Please help us put the word out!
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The Australian Regional Network
is here to help and make a difference!
in Launceston

How much does it cost?

Launceston Local Resident account is free and has 1 FREE Business Advertising option and every type of Service or Business or Community Group can list

For Full Service Ads a local business member with up to 5 business Ads and 5 business Events + Commercial Article Marketing and Community Sponsorships it is

$5 per month or $50 per Year

Unlike some others we dont bind you to any contract. A paid Local Business Member can create up to 5 full service "Smart Ads" anywhere within the ARN Geo Media Network's 1000+ Coast, Valley, Shire, Suburb, City or Town websites that cover all Australia.

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You can add maps, video, email + more and we can help you. Inside there is other value advertising options for Launceston Business such as
National Advertising rates as low as $1 per website per year!
How about that Dick Smith!

Our promise is you can cancel any time and if you want a refund we will give you a refund, the only question we will ask is how may we serve you better

How does it Perform?

Sample Performance of a live Smart Ad

Above is actual data from one member Smart Ad, that's "Search Traffic" not direct visits or traffic from your social media likes, or extra traffic from and to your attached YouTube video and this is only from Google, its not counting incoming from Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, Yandex and all the others.

Our ads automatically present the Sitemap XML entry Keyword and Opengraph Metadata on your behalf that search bots and social media scrapers like, and it can take a while to deliver results, though it can deliver results. As the Ads are SEO based it can depend a lot upon your content keywords and phrases in your Smart Ads, Events or Article. The best answer we can give is "performance varies" and your listings include simple mechanisms that you or your employees can use to raise your public profile and improve your traffic. That is why we call then a Smart Ad

The best report we have to date is from a small family business Catering company who tells us our Ads put 50K on their business bottom line, and we really like to do that! Our system is unique and a longer term strategy. We are in this to deliver Customers to your Business in the long term. We make improvements to the network mostly every day and we are growing. We don't make you bid for the top spot, the way the Australian ARN Geo Media Network works is "Those who support us longest get the top spots."

It's simple, inexpensive, there are free options and existing members have had great results LOGIN to get started

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Launceston Business Advertising
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